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One of my greatest joys is showing people how amazing they can look in a photograph, especially women.  In fact, I really love working with gals of all ages.  From the preteen that is just learning how to wear makeup and do their hair to helping create a fresh new look for Moms, I just really love making people feel beautiful.

So, I declare March Model Makeover month.  This is great session for high school seniors who want a fun, fashion inspired photography session and for Moms that want to give a gift to themselves and for anyone feeling like they want to reinvent themselves.  I have 20 spots available for a personalized photography session.  Each session includes professionally applied makeup, hair styling, a clothing consultant to help put three or four great looks together and a 90 minute fully directed photography session with me.  We will even throw in an 8×10 print for free.

After the session, we will present you with 40-50 fully edited photos that can go into an album or book, onto the wall or be made into one of a kind art pieces for you to enjoy for years to come.

Here is a look at one of my first session with the absolutely stunning Abby!  Enjoy!

High School Senior makeover pictures - Orange County photographyorangecountyfamilyphoto_0260orangecountyfamilyphoto_0261orangecountyfamilyphoto_0262orangecountyfamilyphoto_0263orangecountyfamilyphoto_0264orangecountyfamilyphoto_0265orangecountyfamilyphoto_0266orangecountyfamilyphoto_0267orangecountyfamilyphoto_0268orangecountyfamilyphoto_0269orangecountyfamilyphoto_0270

Watch the slideshow:

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