My goal has always been to not just photograph a family one time, but to build a lasting relationship and document your family each year.   This is the best way  I know to build a family history and to make sure your children can look back at the entire family over the years and see the close relationships and defining moments throughout their childhood.

One question that comes up repeatedly among my clients, especially when we do a family session each year, is “what should we wear”?  We love to work closely with you to put outfits together that not only compliment each person in the portrait, but also have the look and feel of the location of the session.  And, it is extremely important, to make sure the images compliment your home.

We are now in the process of building a more extensive shooting wardrobe.  Watch for future announcements on how you can get involved helping us complete our shooting wardrobe.  Since I love vintage dresses and accessories, we definitely have those in our studio and we are always on the lookout for more.  But for the gals in the family, I high recommend using services such as to access one of a kind beautiful dresses and outfits at a fraction of the retail cost.  For the holidays this year, one of my favorite families, decided to go all out and rent formal red outfits and combine this look with an organic setting.  The results were stunning!   I also love that they rented a tux for their gorgeous son Daniel!  What a great sport.   Here are some of the
images from the session.  Enjoy!blueskysstudioportraits_0030blueskysstudioportraits_0022blueskysstudioportraits_0023blueskysstudioportraits_0024blueskysstudioportraits_0025blueskysstudioportraits_0026blueskysstudioportraits_0027blueskysstudioportraits_0028blueskysstudioportraits_0029


To book your portrait session, you can email us at or call at 949-510-3862.

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