San Juan Capistrano- Cohen Family

This shoot has been a long time coming.  Dr. Cohen works with my Dad and my Dad keeps telling me, Mitch really wants to do a family photography session with you.  Time would go by, and I wouldn’t hear anything and then  again my Dad would say, “no really, Mitch wants to do a photo session with you”!   Then, out of the blue a few weeks ago he e-mailed me and said he was ready.  Now, being a mother of two and working full time, I totally get it that it is hard to find time to get everyone together for a shoot.  I am so glad we finally did!  Mitch has a gorgeous family and you can really tell how much the kids love both their Mom and Dad.  And did I mention the kids eyes?  They are fantastically beautiful (is fantastically a word?)!  The Mission made the perfect backdrop for the fun family!  Enjoy!

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