There is nothing I like better than kids!  They are quick to play games, love to play make believe and let me fulfill my need to play dress up on a regular basis.  I hadn’t seen these two kiddos since I did a newborn shoot with this gorgeous girl (Mom, it was definitely toooo long!  I missed you…. :)  Mom and dad definitely passed on the beautiful genes, cause this whole family is a photographers dream come true!  Not only that, but they were super, duper easy to work with!  Can I say “I LOVE my job”!  Anywho… I wanted to give a quick sneak peak.  More to follow!   Also, fyi to all of my Blue Sky’s family and friends, my schedule is already almost filled for October.  Please call to book your holiday session as soon as possible so we have lots of time to play and get amazing images. Enjoy.

I love a big, happy, crazy, silly, challenging family photography session!  Seriously, this gets my heart pumping and my creativity flowing!  I love jumping around, making a specticle, just to get kids to laugh.   I guess this was why when I looked at the time, almost two hours had past and it seemed like no time at all while photographing the Montgomery family.  Each year they do a camping vacation in San Clemente State Park with lots of family and friends.  They start their trip off with a family photography session.  I love this tradition, as it really captures the story of this family over the years.  Thanks to their whole family for being amazing to work with!  I will let the images from the day, tell it all!  Enjoy!

What a fun, crazy, busy summer it has been so far.  We have been photography families from all over the US on holiday, photographing lots of weddings with Bliss by Blue Sky’s, photographing Blue Sky’s seniors and enjoying time with our family and friends.

I know it has been a while since I shared!   The beaches have been challenging this summer, but we managed to slip in a few sessions.

While fog isn’t the ideal condition for family photography, in the Hardie girls case I think it added a soft, romantic quality to the session!   I love how soft and almost monochromatic these images are!  And these gals are gorgeous!  Enjoy!

Wow, it seems like for the last five years at least half of the summer in Laguna was overcast, and while I think overcast skys can lead to gorgeous photography, there is nothing like a golden sun for beautiful portraits!  So you can imagine that I was excited to take down Ella for a celebration session of her toothless smile!  The tide was a little high and we had to battle the water, but the session was amazing.  That was until I was informed that there were no beach photography sessions allowed on Victoria Beach until after Labor Day.  I am not one to rant, but this seems a little crazy to me.  Isn’t this a public beach???? Don’t families, brides and couples come from all over the world to have their pictures taken in Laguna Beach.  I have to imagine that the wedding industry significantly helps Laguna Beach’s economy.  So WHY would you outlaw all session until summers end?  Totally crazy if you ask me!

Anyway, they didn’t stop us from getting some amazing images!  Thanks to the Taber gals for being so understanding and going with the flow!

The sun is back out, the sun is setting over Catalina and it is the perfect time for family beach portraits!  If you have scheduled a beach shoot in October or November, you know that the beach is a crazy place for portraits leading up to the Holiday season!  But NOT right now!  Now it is perfect on the beach with few people and gorgeous pink sunsets!

Speaking of pink, here is another very pink session, but this time on the beach.  I have been photographing these two beautiful gals since they were tiny tots!  I am not sure if there are two girls out there who like the beach better!  My biggest challenge is keeping them out of the water until we are done with their session!  Enjoy!