This little cutie helped me out several weeks ago when I wanted to try out my new set.  I am finally getting around to posting some of these images.  She is an absolute sweetheart, and I LOVE her Mama too!   Her mom has been helping me with graphic design and I think she is doing a fabulous job.  Hopefully some of you received our new mini magazine, “Clicking with Kristin” (yes, I know, it has the same name as the blog).  This little gal’s Mom designed it for me.  Please feel free to leave comments here ’cause we would love to know what you think!  Also, just an FYI these are the set we will be using at the Saks Fifth Avenue Mother/ Daughter Fashion Event on June 5!

Some time this week most of you will receive our new newsletter, with the same name as our blog, ClickingwithKristin.  In it, you will find that we are in search of 10 gals and 10 guys to create our new High School Senior photography program.  Each of them will receive a free styled photography session, 10 free touched up images to use on Facebook or other social networking sites and 25 announcement cards.  Britney and Andrew were our first shoot.  I LOVE all these images, mostly because both of these people are simply gorgeous, but also because I shot it in the AntiMall/ The Lab… which is an amazing location in itself.    I really think senior photography is much more fun when people come in groups, either boyfriend/ girlfriend or a group of kids.  If any of you are interested in participating, please e-mail us at  This will be first come, first served and I am sure the spots will fill up fast!  Thanks Britney and Andrew for being such great models!

Last weekend Anna and I hurried down to An All Inclusive Event to take some detail shots at a 50th Birthday Party.  All I know is that I would be thrilled to have my 50th in such a fantastic location.  Typically this area is used for Weddings, but it is also a great spot for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and memorial services.  I think Terilyn did a fantastic job styling out this spot, especially all the gaming areas…..  Hopefully we will have lots of images from this venue, as I LOVE to shoot in my own backyard.  Thanks for including us!  If you would like to book an event at this venue, head over to their website by clicking here An All Inclusive Event at Laguna Village.  If you book a wedding and use Blue Sky’s Studio, you will receive a free engagement sitting and a free 11×14 mounted portrait!

Here are some of the details from the event: