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Happy Friday everyone!  I just had to share my family shoot for 2011 that Kristin did.  As always, the girl did a stellar job.  We had so much fun in Venice and Laguna Beach with her.  Even though my little man was not in a picture-taking mood {the kid is 2 and has his own ideas on what we should be doing on a Saturday morning…..so stubborn…..I have no idea where he gets that from….. ;) }, Kristin was still able to get some great shots of him as well as everyone else.  It helps that she has killer skills and speed with that camera of hers.  Thank you Kristin for the great pics!  Now I can get cracking on our Holiday Cards!

One of my best gals brought this little cutie out to play last month in San Juan.  He was a perfect angel, and at less than two years old, he had already perfected the “Blue Steel”!   I just can’t get over his beautiful eyes.  I know Mama is never going to be able to say no to this little guy.  AND at the tender age of less than 2, he already has a modeling contract.  Enjoy!

Could you just die at his yummy lips??? Beautiful Smile!

These two beauties were so much fun to photograph!  They came ready with a suitcase full of fabulous frocks and a great attitude.  I love when good friends share a session.   Enjoy!

Can you believe her beautiful blue eyes!

What at beautiful smile!
They belong on the runway.

After lots of scheduling and rescheduling this photography session, we finally got the whole family down to San Juan Capistrano!  I always love getting generational portraits and this was a great opportunity to get lots of family combinations.   I have not seen the two younger gals for a few years and it was great to have fun and be silly with the two of them.  Thanks so much to all of you for being patient with Anna and me as we walked all over San Juan.  Enjoy!

What can I say about this beautiful group of gals, and of course, Eugene!  They are always up for anything and, I swear, their Mama must train them, cause they are great at modeling!  So, guess who the Mom is in the portrait…… I know, it almost impossible to tell.  I HEART my couch and I can’t believe it has taken me three months to get it out into the park.  It is exactly as I thought it would be… fantastic.  Thanks Stacey.  Enjoy!