Top 10 Reasons to book a Personal Branding Session

The Top 10 Reasons to Book your Personal Branding Session with Blue Sky’s Studio

When you personalize your business with brand photographs, you create trust.  Personal Branding photographs also helps tell the story of your business, your brand and your unique value proposition.  This according to an article in the Huffpost.

In today’s visual world, you shop first with your eyes, and potential clients make purchasing decisions based on the first impression our images make online.   You personal brand should influence the way your ideal client thinks about your business or brand. Your personal brand images can have a huge impact on your business and on the bottom line.

CEO portraits

Your custom photography library is an asset, so how do you best use that asset?

  1. Create a library of images to pull from based on categories to make images easy to locate.
  2. Place images throughout your website, and rotate these images often (this will also improve your SEO)
  3. Use them in posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other platform that you use.
  4. Place them in your newsletters and email blasts
  5. Use them in Press Releases about an even or new offering your business has.
  6. Refresh your profile pictures every few months so that people see a new image of you.
  7. Use these images to submit to magazines when they do articles on you or about your company (that way you can decide on which are the best images of you and you are not at the mercy of their photographers).
  8. Submit images along with your bio when you have a speaking engagement
  9. Put an image of yourself in your email signature line
  10. Put images on yourself and your brand in your printing marketing material.

Let me give you a quick example of a personal branding session for a CEO of a large home design company.

Corporate Headshot CEO

My friend and client, Shirin was featured on the cover of a Franchising magazine.  She was disappointed with the images the staff photographer took of her. Her main issue, was she did not feel comfortable with the magazine’s photographer.  He did not give her any posing direction or help her get the best expressions.  

I suggested we schedule a Blue Sky’s personal branding session for her, so in the future, she would have an entire library of images to present her Public Relations firm.  We ended up scheduling the session with her, her executive team and a videographer for an entire day. The result was 150 amazing images that she could use throughout the year to promote herself and her company.  In addition, Shirin was able to select the images that she liked the best and give me direction for retouching to make sure she was happy with every image. Finally, because we did the session in one day, instead of several different sessions, she saved time by only having to have professional makeup and hair done one time. 

Here are just a few images from her session.

modern corporate headshot Modern branding session Personal branding for a CEO Modern headshot Headshot in office Orange County headshot

We have several new collections available for a personal branding session.    We have one hours sessions, full day sessions or a annual membership.

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