Wow, how these four kids have grown!  The oldest gal was one of our first Blue Sky’s clients and I definitely think she has mastered the high fashion pose!  Here three brothers are full of energy, but just great to work with.  We hauled all kinds of things into the canyon to match previous photographs of each child at 2 years old.  Well, we didn’t match 100% as the baby was NOT going to wear overalls…….no matter what!  Fortunately for me, he fell for the old candy in the pocket trick!  Thanks so much Jill for being a loyal Blue Sky’s client for so many years!  LOL!

My great friend Staci called me up to say that her daughter was getting her braces off and ready to capture her new smile!  I always want to try something different, so I suggested that we go to my new favorite urban spot!  She packed up the car with several “crazy cute” outfits and met me bright and early in the morning.    I think her daughter is stunning!  Enjoy!

You may remember this lovely little girls sister from a few months ago.  Well both of them were signed by JetSet Modeling and I was lucky enough to do a second round of portraits for this big sister!  She was such a cutie, but definitely a moving target to photograph!  We had a great time trying on hats together and picking flowers.   Enjoy!

This little cutie helped me out several weeks ago when I wanted to try out my new set.  I am finally getting around to posting some of these images.  She is an absolute sweetheart, and I LOVE her Mama too!   Her mom has been helping me with graphic design and I think she is doing a fabulous job.  Hopefully some of you received our new mini magazine, “Clicking with Kristin” (yes, I know, it has the same name as the blog).  This little gal’s Mom designed it for me.  Please feel free to leave comments here ’cause we would love to know what you think!  Also, just an FYI these are the set we will be using at the Saks Fifth Avenue Mother/ Daughter Fashion Event on June 5!