I always love to get a chance to photograph in our client’s home and last weekend was no exception.  I have been working with the Lattin family since the girls were babies and each shoot is more fun than the last.  I adore working with kids who know me personally and “ham” it up for me.  These two were definitely Mommy’s little helpers with their new baby brother.   My proudest image is the two girls kissing babies head, we REALLY WORKED for this shot!  Enjoy!

We had a FANTASTIC day at Rascals to Rebels last Thursday.  Tons of gorgeous kids showed up to be a part of our model search for Rascals to Rebels and The Perfect Impression.   Here is a preview of our favorite images of each child!  Enjoy!

This was just a quick shoot of one of the cutest girls on the block with our new backdrops, let me know what you think!!