We had so much fun compiling our previous Fun Themed Portrait Ideas post that we just had to do another!


When creating a vintage themed session like this period props are key. What better props could we have had than an authentic VW van, surfboards, and a guitar? Wardrobe is also essential and for this shoot the family dressed boho/casual.

endless summer family photo



If autumn is your favorite season, why not play it up in your photo session? From leaves, to pumpkins, squash or open fields, fall is a great season for warm, family photos.

fall is in the air



A few good books, some Photoshop effects and you’ve got a whimsical portrait they’ll never forget.love story



Old world style meets the modern girl. This is a great way to give a colorful fun feel to your portraits.




Capture the carefree fun of the beach boardwalk. Dressing in pastels or bright colors add to the playful feel of these photos.boardwalk themed photos



Go vintage with black, white, red and vintage–add in a classic car, or maybe a retro bicycle for a unique photo.muscle car family portraits

girls-senior-photo-fashion-tipsHere are a few ways you can prepare for your best senior pictures portrait session:

  • Come to the session clean faced, with clean, dry hair.  Our professional makeup artist will do the rest.  It is also a great idea to bring a picture of makeup you really love so we can give you that perfect look that represents.. YOU!
  • Avoid being overly tan, sunburned or having obvious tan lines. They are harder to color-correct and process, which will add to your cost.
  • Don’t hesitate to rock your favorite accessories and shoes. They are a fun way to show your personality.
  • Make a personalized Pinterest board with images you love and share them with Blue Sky’s.  We want to capture images that you totally love!
  • Vary your necklines and sleeve lengths for different looks.
  • Check those bra straps; correcting strap lines later on is time-consuming and costly.
  • Avoid wearing busy, striped clothing as they tend not to photograph well. 
  • Be hydrated!  Bring water and drink plenty of water prior to your session.  We want you skin to glow!
  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before, so you look your best.

There are many fun ways to stay creative as a family portrait photographer.  One of my favorites, is to plan a styled session.  This goes beyond cute clothing and fun locations!  It begins with a story!

1. Ship Wreck

I am inspired by so many things.  Looking at beautiful advertising campaigns, art work and music videos provide me with tons of ideas.  Over time, I became inspired by the ocean, vintage clothes and being stranded.   What would that look like as an editorial session?  So, I asked my good friend Denyse to help me come up with some fun clothing and props and the perfect models for a ship wrecked session.  We ended up at sunrise on the beach with all of our props and clothing.  The session was amazing. (See more photos from the shoot)

portrait theme ship wreck

2. Princesses

Styled sessions are often inspired by my client’s kids.  Young girls so often go through the phase of being obsessed with Disney Princesses.  This gorgeous gal wanted to wear a different princess outfit every day… she literally owned them all.  In order to capture this fleeting time in her young life, we decided to do a style session with a Princess hanging her laundry up to dry.princess theme photo shoot


3. Vintage 

Vintage nostalgia often provide a fun, classic look. As most of you know, I am obsessed with vintage cars and clothing!  Here is both a family vintage portrait and beautiful high school senior photo. In both cases props, styling, and wardrobe is key. We can help with all of it.



4. The Art of Memory

Other sessions have been motivated by a family memory.  One of my clients who is an artist wanted to paint a picture of her grandmother hanging her laundry (don’t know why laundry has been a theme)… We created a set to look like her grandma’s house and took lots of great images.  She then turned them into a painting.art themed photography

5. Classic Childhood

These are some of the most fun sessions! The kids get to be themselves and pretend all at the same time.  The result is relaxed, unique shots.

childhood themed portaits

6. Natural Beauties.

Juxtaposing classic, vintage indoor furniture, beautiful gowns and the beauty of nature creates stunning results.

nature glamour gowns

Inspiration can come from anywhere!  A favorite book, a painting, a song… you name it.  These portraits are amazing because they are unique to your family.  I love for the client to be really involved in telling their story through images, so we capture exactly what they imagined.

I am so excited to share with you this beautiful video of the Blue Sky’s Experience created by @connerbrashier! He is absolutely amazing! Hope you enjoy the video. And a big thanks to the wonderful families who starred in this production.