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Ladera Ranch Maternity Session: Beautiful Sarah!

Living in sunny So Cal we rarely get what can be classified as “Weather”!   But every once in a while, we are lucky enough to get some WILD hail, rain, lightning, snow…. whatever!  On our last big “Weather” day, I was lucky enough to have a session booked for beautiful Sarah in her home. (btw… my new obsession is, “in home”, editorial style photography.  I love how my client’s homes help tell the story of their family.)

Sarah’s story begins with being married nearly 10 years!  So what a life changer to have a new baby boy on the way!  His nursery is so darn cute, I thought it had to be the star of a least a large part of the photography session!  But because Sarah was game, we started in the hills surrounding her home.  The backdrop was stormy rain clouds, but with sun shining!  So crazy.

Fortunately, we got some amazing shots outside and quickly headed back into her house.  As soon as we got settled in her bedroom, the hail started.   Seriously, in Southern California… so strange, but beautiful as well.

I am excited to continue Sarah’s story when the baby arrives.  Thanks so much Sarah and ENJOY!

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  1. Kim Palmer says:

    These images create a lovely portrayal of a beautiful young mother to be.

    Kim & Carol

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