Did you know that our Model for a Day promotion is perfect for your high school senior?  They get to celebrate the end of their high school experience and who they have defined themselves as over the last four years.  You get to remember this brief period of time that they were still under your care, not quite an adult, but no longer a child. They also get to look and feel there very best to go confidently into the future with portraits that show how truly unique and beautiful they are!


The best way to do this is with fashion that represents their style, and for the gals, hair styling and makeup.  Think about it, this is going to be the last major milestone to photograph while they are still at home.  Seriously, the next time you have this opportunity may be at their wedding.  The best way to commemorate this is with heirloom quality Press portrait albums

or with our beautiful matted portraits in a custom image box, perfect for gifts, to hang on the wall or to enjoy on an easel.

We have 8 sessions left at the promotional price of $249 which includes a full session, professional makeup and hairstyling and a $200 (a $499 value) print credit.  Once all the slots are full, we will go back to our regular price.  Remember you can add a friend to the session for $99.00.  To book your spot email us at kristin@blueskysstudio.com or call at 949-510-3862.

Already 2017 is off to a fantastic start.  We are busy updating our High School Senior portrait website and adding some really fun new products to our mix.  Here is a my most recent session with some subjects that I love… since we are related!  Just a little sneak peak!  Enjoy and Happy New Year!


This year has been filled with high school senior photography sessions and they have been becoming some of my favorites.  I especially love it when a family I have been photographing for years, has a graduating senior.  Instead of photographing the whole family, it gives me the opportunity to work one on one with the senior.  For the ladies, that includes a fun modeling makeover complete with hair styling, professional makeup and working with our stylist to put three fun looks together.  

Megan came all the way from Dallas to have her session in the canyon and at the beach.  The Rodgers family comes every year to Laguna Beach for their family vacation, so it holds a special place for them.  Here is a sneak peak of senior session!  She looks amazing in pink!  Enjoy!

I am constantly joking with clients about how often I tell them to put their chin’s down.  I often demonstrate on myself by saying: “see when my chins up, my eyes look small, but as I lower my chin, my eyes open up and look big”.  Since as they say “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, the most important part of an image for me is to get beautiful, light filled, sharp eyes on for my clients (unless of course the eyes are closed).

There is a common misconception that if you chin is up, you face will look slim.  This has something to do with the dreaded double chin.  That is the second part of the chin trick.  My clients need to slightly push their chins forward to get rid of the double chin and create a strong jaw line.  I promise, promise, promise this works every time!

Here is an example of the beautiful Rose with her chin up.  It isn’t a terrible shot, but it could be so much better!

Now let’s see what happens when I ask her to put her chin down and out:

Her face looks slimmer, her jaw line looks gorgeous and her eyes are stunning!  A few more of my favorite images of Rose! Enjoy!

The challenge with photographing lots of families, year after year, is always producing a unique, inspired and storytelling group of images that represent “your” family at this stage in your life.  So many of the wonderful families we photograph at Blue Sky’s Studio want to document their lives each year (I do this too).   As we are getting ready to send our oldest out into the world, I absolutely cherish the albums we have put together from our family photography sessions each year of our kids lives.  

One of the best ways I know to produce unique images, is to choose a different location in Orange County, each year, to have your family photographed.

Recently, I went through  loads of sessions and put together an album of all of my favorite locations, so Blue Sky’s clients would have the opportunity to page through lots of sessions and get inspired.  You can check it out by clicking here.  Each year, I try to add additional locations to my repertoire, which gets more difficult as you can imagine!  The fact is, we are truly blessed to have a studio in Laguna Canyon.  Not only is the studio a spectacular place to have your portraits taken as the lighting is heavenly, but it is also surrounded but fields, urban areas and very close to the beach.  Seriously, in one session, you can have Urban, Coastal and studio images!  Pretty cool if you ask me!  

Here is a highlight of one of the areas in my own backyard (our family moved to downtown Laguna Beach this year and I can walk out my door and be in any of these spots within minutes).  This location features the beautiful Victoria Blakemore, who will be attending the prestigious Parson’s School of Design in New York!

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