I was a little worried about this shoot.  The weather has been so BLAHHHHHHH and these two made the trek down from Valencia to meet me and (lucky for me) they trusted me enough to book their engagement shoot on the same day.  Believe it or not at 3:00 PM on Sunday, the sun peaked through the clouds for the first time in two weeks in Laguna and we were able to get tons of great shots.  I always think it is fun when the couple in nervous about the pictures when they first arrive and then within 10-15 minutes they are laughing and enjoying each other.  This was so true for Kristen and Kirk.  I felt like they were old friends, and Kristen even dealt with bugs (don’t tell her, but Anna and I did see many spiders during the shoot) and Kirk fought off bees.   They are getting married next year at one of my favorite venues, An All Inclusive Event at Laguna Village and I know that they weather good fortune will follow them to their wedding day!  Thanks to both of you for being such good sports!

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