Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach

From its stunning landscapes to unique backdrops, Crescent Bay has it all

Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach

Are you wondering which beach in Laguna Beach is the best for your senior pictures?

Crescent Bay Beach is located in North Laguna Beach.  With its stunning natural features and unique backdrop possibilities, it is one of the best beaches in Laguna for senior pictures.   Are a senior guy or girl wanting to have a photo shoot with a cool coastal vibe?  Or do you dream of a session at sunset with all the pastel colors and soft lighting.  Either way, Crescent Bay beach is the perfect choice for your senior pics.

Picture of a high school senior photography session at Crescent Bay beach at sunset

So what makes Crescent Bay beach special?

This beach is nestled along the California coastline with an entrance to the beach on both the north and south sides.  Since the beach is situated in a neighborhood, it can be difficult to find.  That is why we consider this spot a hidden gem.  Unfortunately the parking is very limited.  However, it is well worth the trouble of finding parking, because it is typically a tourist free location.

What to Wear to this senior photography session?

This location is the perfect spot for a flowy sundress, casual jeans and a sweater or your college gear.  Because of the variety in backgrounds, you can choose from a wide range of colors for your clothing.   Sunset colors, neutral tones, cool blue tones and cream and white look amazing on this beach.

Let’s explore what makes Crescent Bay Beach a perfect choice for senior photography:

High school senior photo session at the beach in Laguna beach at golden hour

1. The Cliffs and Hillside

This beach is embraced by a breathtaking hillside that provides an exquisite backdrop for your senior portraits. The rolling terrain of this hillside harmonizes with the coastline, adding a touch of elegance to your photos.  There is nothing more beautiful than the view of the cliffs at sunset.  If you are looking for romantic, dreamy lighting, nothing is better than Crescent Bay beach.

Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach featuring a girl at sunset in a white dress.

2. Rocky Wonders and Tide Pools

The diversity of natural elements at Crescent Bay sets it apart. The rocky areas, both at the north and south ends of the beach, offer captivating textures and patterns.  These textures against the ocean make for a dramatic and picturesque settings.

3. Kaleidoscope of Caves

The hillsides that line Crescent Bay beach are filled with unique caves and tunnels. These caves provide a delightful interplay of light and darkness.   Theses caves on the beach make Crescent Bay unique to other coastal locations.

High school senior graduation from Laguna Beach having her portraits taken on the beach in North Laguna

4. Palms and Panache for your professional senior photography at Crescent Beach

The iconic palm trees of Southern California have a special place in our hearts.  Crescent Bay’s palm tree grove is the perfect setting for seniors who want that California vibe in their images.

Senior girl's Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach

5. Seal Rock: The Unique Prop

Among Crescent Bay’s unique features, Seal Rock stands out as an offshore wonder that doubles as a captivating background for your senior portraits. The rock’s distinctive shape and its position in the water provide a rugged yet elegant setting for your photos.  A short hike up from the beach is a beautiful park and lookout.  This is the ideal location to end your senior session with a breathtaking view of the beach below.

TCU bound high school graduate gets Professional Senior Photography at Crescent Bay Beach


As a photography expert, I recommend Crescent Bay for your senior portraits. It blends nature’s beauty with your high school experience, creating unique photos.

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