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I am addicted to improvement… I always strive to be better!  A better photographer, a better Mama, a better spouse, a better communicator, a better person.. just each day become a little better than the last.  One of the areas that I have been working on developing is a commercial portfolio.  This has been a real challenge for me, to really culled down the images I love and make them into a portfolio.

So, last year, a dear friend, and my college roommate, asked me if I would ever be interested in working with her company (a children’s clothing retailer).  In the past, all of my commercial accounts came from personal contacts…. either I had photographed their family, or I knew them from my volunteer work or as personal friends, so I was really excited about the opportunity.

The problem was, I did not have a commercial portfolio to present to her company.  But, thanks to some amazing clients who volunteered their children, I quickly put a shoot together with some darling outfits, and created a quick, online portfolio to share with her company.

So here it is, my first portfolio magazine!  I am working on a new one, as I have several new commercial accounts, but this is where I started!  Enjoy!


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I know everyone says it… but I can’t believe how fast 17 years have gone by.  Seventeen years ago today I was just planning a small 4th of July party when I started to get contractions.  Crazy as it sounds to me now, I decided to have a natural child birth…. so I went to the grocery story, while my contractions were mild.  Not such a great idea!  Half way through shopping, my neighbor and her son saw me double over in the aisle and told me to go home… they would take care of my groceries!

True to his nature, Cameron finally arrived at 8:59 pm, just in time for the celebration!  The doctor turned down the lights and my entire family watched fireworks from my hospital room while I held my new baby boy in my arms.

Cameron has become such an amazing young man, with a passion for swimming and doing his best each day to reach his goals.  He also loves cars, photography, music, movies, cooking and hanging out with his closest friends Erik, Michael and Owen and the rest of his swim family.  He is an example to me every day!  He takes good care of his body, only puts healthy food in (for the most part), works out hard above and beyond swimming and is quick with a smile and a hug for his Mama.  I won’t embarrass him by sharing my nickname for him for all 17 years, but he is close to my heart every day and I am beyond proud of his accomplishments and what an amazing man he is becoming.

Thanks to you Cameron, for actually requesting this photography session.  I love you to the Moon and Back!  Enjoy!


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Something you may not know about me is that I do a lot of Corporate Headshots.  It is not something that I promote necessarily, they just seem to come my way.  And while I love creating beautiful head shots, I also like to spend a little more time during the session to capture shots that are not necessarily corporate looking.  This is especially true with women.  Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and I like to incorporate these images into their corporate session.

In the past month, I have done a lot of these type of sessions… that I call “Brand You”.   Here is a link to one of my beautiful client’s new websites: http://laynealexander.com.  She is an amazing woman and a life coach that helps people live the life of their dreams.  And another amazing woman, Lisa Feren, who helps business-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses craft their unique message and stand out online!  Check out some of her images on her website by clicking here… http://handcraftedmarketing.com.

One of the most fun parts of the Brand You sessions for my female clients, is that we provide and hair and makeup prior to the photography session.  It really helps create excitement and makes my beautiful clients feel pampered.  Here is a sneak peak of my client and friend Liza Ferer!  She is an amazing women and Real Estate agent based in Aliso Viejo.  She looked absolutely stunning in her images and we had so much fun during the session.  The quote of the day was, “Kristin I had no idea you were so crazy”!   Enjoy!






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A few years back, I was photographing an over the top, fun Bar Mitzvah at The Hyatt Huntington Beach, when I heard someone yell, “hey Krissy” from across the room.  Right away I knew it was someone from high school… because other than my family and my high school and some college friends, no one calls me Krissy anymore.

And there was Jason and his wife (another Newport Harbor High alum), and it turned out they were good friends with my client.  Fast forward just a few years, and the Gendron family had relocated from Newport Beach to Laguna beach and Delaney, their daughter, was in the same grade as my daughter Kasey.  Not only that, but they both were on Laguna Beach’s high school swim team.

So, I was super excited when Krissy Gendron (I know right… another Krissy), called to say she wanted to surprise Jason for Father’s Day with a wall collage of the kids.  We decide to give Delaney the star makeover treatment (not that she needed the hair and makeup, because she is a beautiful girl.. but lets face it, every gal likes a day of pampering).  Brittanynortonartistry did a fantastic job at hair and makeup as did Deseree with styling the session.

Delaney’s brother Garrett showed up as she was finishing up, and was ready to roll!  It was so crazy to see Jason and Krissy’s kids all grown up.  Garrett looks just like dad did when he was a kid!

We managed to get the shoot done and all the wall art back in time for Father’s Day, but Jason just couldn’t wait and last Friday he got his early present!  Here are just a few of my favorites from the session!  Thanks to the Gendron’s for being so great!  To see more of the session, watch the slideshow at the end.  Enjoy.

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