Bright Sunny morning in the Fun Zone!

Wow, I really love shooting in January and February.  As most of you know, these are the months that we book our creative sessions.  Typically we spend about an hour on a photography session, but for the months of January and February, we take our time and spend at least 2 hours on each session.  This give us plenty of time to walk around slowly at each location and find tons of great areas to shoot in.  It also makes every session very unique!

I met up with these super cute kiddos last Sunday morning in Newport Beach.  It was one of the first beautiful days of the year and perfect weather for a bright, colorful session.  Of course, we brought our super cute pettiskirts and other fun accessories to give the session a little pizazz.   I love how great both of these kids were at giving me the pouty model face that I so love!  Thanks so much Heather for getting up bright and early!  Enjoy!

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  1. Heather Toller says:

    Thank you Kristin and Anna! The pictures are so cute. The ones on the stairs are my favorites. Can’t wait to see the rest!

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