There is just something about working with a family in their beautiful home that brings out the best in everyone.  It doesn’t hurt that God gave this family some amazing genes…. seriously they are all gorgeous.  I absolutely love the style of their home and the light is really truely yummy.  The best compliment I received when the session was complete is “it is so great to have our own personal family photographer”!  I hope to be documenting this families grandbabies and greatgrandbabies, etc.!  Enjoy!


Living in sunny So Cal we rarely get what can be classified as “Weather”!   But every once in a while, we are lucky enough to get some WILD hail, rain, lightning, snow…. whatever!  On our last big “Weather” day, I was lucky enough to have a session booked for beautiful Sarah in her home. (btw… my new obsession is, “in home”, editorial style photography.  I love how my client’s homes help tell the story of their family.)

Sarah’s story begins with being married nearly 10 years!  So what a life changer to have a new baby boy on the way!  His nursery is so darn cute, I thought it had to be the star of a least a large part of the photography session!  But because Sarah was game, we started in the hills surrounding her home.  The backdrop was stormy rain clouds, but with sun shining!  So crazy.

Fortunately, we got some amazing shots outside and quickly headed back into her house.  As soon as we got settled in her bedroom, the hail started.   Seriously, in Southern California… so strange, but beautiful as well.

I am excited to continue Sarah’s story when the baby arrives.  Thanks so much Sarah and ENJOY!

This was officially our first Editorial Styled Session & the family could not have been more amazing!  Seriously, have you ever see three more beautiful girls and each with their own style and flair.  Mom and Dad mixed it up as well in a combination of Blue Sky’s styling and their own spectacular taste!  I am so excited to share with you images from these sessions as they are all spectacular and unique!  Enjoy!

A big shout out to: Rashae Taylor from Fansea Finds for styling the set and the models!

And to the Amazing Anna Impullitti for shooting the session with me!  She is an amazing photographer and and even more amazing person!

There is nothing cozier than shooting newborn babies in their own home environment!  Especially when the home is as “yummy” as this gorgeous one!  Do you think Mama would notice if Anna and I snuck and and borrowed that unbelievable trunk every once in a while?  Big brother was an expert at snuggling his new brother.  Thanks for opening your home to Anna and me!

I love photographing people in their own personal space.  Families just seem more comfortable when they are under their own roof.  This family just recently moved to Laguna Beach and I am fortunate to call them friends.  Last year at the School Power Gala, they purchased a gift certificate for Blue Sky’s Studio.  Initially we were planning to head straight down to the beach, but upon chatting with the family, we decided to start the session in their beautiful new home.  Four kids is usually quite a challenge to photograph, but these guys were fabulous to work with (even if I had trouble getting the 12 year old to smile.  I love his GQ/ attitude look anyway).  Their oldest brother isn’t really a kid!  He was an awesome help and you can tell his younger siblings just adore him.  Thank you for trusting me with your first photo session as full time residence of Laguna Beach!  Enjoy!