I fell in love with this couple almost two years ago during their engagement session.  Brittany is beautiful and one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  Andy is an amazing guy and totally in love with Brittany.  In fact, I think the first sparks flew between these two in 5th grade and they have been together ever since.  Needless to say, I was so excited that their wedding day planned by An All Inclusive Event had finally arrived.  Brittany is not only a hottie, but she is also a talented designer.  She redesigned her wedding dress as well as designed all of the dresses for the bridesmaids.  Take one look at Brittany’s Mommy and you can see that good looks definitely run in this family.  The wedding day was just fabulous, but my favorite part of the whole celebration was watching Brittany and her twin brother perform their sibling dance.   Seriously, these two can really get down!  Enjoy!

This is this story of a 13 year romance, ending in a beautiful wedding celebration uniquely Jessica and Anthony.   It was a picture perfect day at the beach, just the right amount of diffused light peaking through the clouds.  Jessica was with her best girl friends from high school while Anthony, a little nervous, finished getting ready in his room!   Jessica had not one, but two fantastic dresses and, super duper hot shoes!  We had fun finding some new locations at the Holiday Inn Laguna Beach (which, by the way, is a great spot for wedding portraits) and then we were off to Laguna Village for another beautiful All Inclusive Wedding.  Instead of a more traditional wedding, Anthony waited in anticipation while Jessica met him at the bottom of the stairs so they could walk down the isle together.  After a quick ceremony it was down to the beach where, in Anthony’s words, I earned my $$$$ laying in the sand laughing at both of their silly antics.  One of my favorite images on the day is Anthony and Jessica running down the beach holding hands.  The funniest part was actually watching this, cause Anthony was really hamming it up, skipping and jumping…….  I also love the images of the best friends.  You can really tell how much they love each other!

Another break from tradition was toasting with beer steins and the funky cake topper!  All in all it was a fantastic day and I really had such an awesome time being part of it.  Enjoy!!!!

Today I am definitely catching up with all the beautiful bride’s and groom’s I have been working with this summer.  Jessica and Russ are an amazing couple.  They just moved into a beautiful new home while they planned this casual ocean front wedding with close friends and family.  What I love about Jessica and Russ is they were really about celebrating each other with all their loved ones.  They did have the world’s shortest ceremony, but that was to make sure they could have fun and enjoy the day with plenty of dancing and good cheer.   Russ was a great sport, because it was sooo hot and he still agreed to cuddled up with Jesssica!  Much love to both these two and ENJOY!

What I like best about Wedding Photography at Blue Sky’s is all the fantastic people I get to meet along the way!  Being involved in one of the most important days in a couples lives somehow makes me feel like a close friend, and by the end of the wedding process, we usually are! :)  Take this gorgeous couple for example, I first meet them at the beach for their engagement session.  Of course my first reaction to meeting them was, seriously are these two supermodels????  But as I worked with them and got to know them, I realized that the true beauty of these two is the love they share.  Kevin and Leigh have that old fashion kind of love that is so obvious when you see how they look at each other.

Fast forward to their wedding day at Laguna Village planned by An All Inclusive Event…. Leigh looked stunning and was so calm and happy it was almost surreal.  Kevin wiped a tear from his eye as she walked down the aisle.  Their wedding was beautiful and spiritual.  Their love for God  and for each other is truly beautiful.  Thank you so much for including me in your special day!  Enjoy!

My first thought on arriving at the Surf and Sand to photograph Kirk, his family and his groom’s men, was…. who is using those amazing cars for their wedding.  Lucky me!  It was Kirk and Kristen.   Although the skies were overcast, it was a beautiful, warm day.  Perfect for an outdoor wedding at Laguna Village, An All Inclusive Event!  We made our way down to the bridal suite to find Kristen and her gals, a little nervous but so excited.  Let me just say this.. her wedding dress was spectacular!  I know she worked really hard dieting and exercising before her big day to look breathtaking in her wedding dress, and all I can say is Mission Accomplished.   The ceremony was so lovely and sweet.  You can see, and feel, from the ceremony photography how much these two really love each other.   Kristen was such a good sport to follow me down to the beach (even though in her words she is NOT a nature person).  I know it was worth it!  Enjoy some of the highlights from their wedding day!

To view more images, enjoy Kristen and Kirk’s Highlight video!