What might look great in real life, might be a disaster for your professional head shots, (or Model for a Day photos).

For the best head shots, let’s go over what women should wear.


Keep Your Personal Brand in Mind

What image do you want to portray?

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Smart, sophisticated, strong, in charge, feminine, classic? It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing outfits for your shoot. Maybe you love how sexy you feel in that low-cut black dress, but perhaps it’s not the style you’re trying to portray in your head shots. Or perhaps you love that turtle neck, but don’t want to come across as too conservative in your shots. I often include the advice of our stylist in our photography packages and she is great at helping you select pieces from your own wardrobe.


Keep Your Options Open

You’ll want to pick out 1-2 outfits (for headshots) and  3-5 outfits (for Model shots) for your session; this way you can evoke a different feel in each style.


headshots-jacketYou Don’t Have to Show it All

In Orange County we don’t have to stay away from short sleeves, or tank tops as much. However, if you are going for a highly professional look you may consider showing less skin. Three-quarter to full sleeves look most professional. And while a great V neckline looks fabulous on many women, be careful that it doesn’t dive too deep in the neckline–it’s a head shot, not a cleavage shot. ;)


classsic look head shots

Classic Beauty

One of the secrets to a great head shot, really any great portrait, is to keep it timeless.  It shouldn’t be blatantly obvious what time period your photo was taken in (picture the big shoulder pads of the eighties), so stick with a classic suit jacket or shirt styles–timeless styles that always look good.

Checkers are for Family Game Night

If you must wear patterns stick with simple thin stripes, subdued small patterns and subtle variations.  Checkered patterns, big stripes, tight grids or herringbone patterns can obscure in photos, and become a distraction from your natural beauty.

Bold, but Not Too Bold

Bold solid colors can work great for head shots, but be careful not to have too many colors, shiny fabrics, or eye-burning patterns.

Vanilla is Better for Ice Creamwoman's heashots

You may want to avoid plain white unless it’s a part of a layered ensemble; wearing only white can sometimes cause an ethereal or glow effect in photos.

Simple Adornment

Jewelry can be a great way to express a little more of your personality, but avoid flashy, big pieces. They can be distracting, but can also quickly date the photo.

Ever look at a friend’s stunning photo and think, gah, I want a nice headshot like that?

Life is busy, it can be hard to find time to treat yourself. But that’s what our Model for a Day promotion is all about–finding the time to spoil yourself, or your daughter, your mom, or even a friend.  Our goal is to bring out your natural beauty, with a little help from a stylist, a makeup artist, and me.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous shots we have taken during our Model for a Day promotion in the past:

Our Model for a Day promotion is back by popular demand. Check out the details below and book soon, as sessions fill fast:


People often ask me, “what do you do”?  My standard response is that I am a portrait photographer.  That typically leads to what kind of photographer are you?  Do you photograph weddings, or families or something along those lines.  I tell them,  while my passion is definitely kids and their families, I love photographing all people.  Take the beautiful Brittany for example.  We met many years ago when she hired me to shoot her wedding.  The great thing about Andy and Brittany’s wedding, was that I had a lot of advance notice.  We spent time planning out a fun engagement session (still one of my all time favorites) and then by the time the wedding rolled around, we were old friends.  

You may think the actual wedding was the end of this story, but we continued to keep in touch.  I told her if she ever got pregnant, I would love to gift her a maternity session.  Soon I got the call that Brittany and Andy were expecting their first baby and Brittany wanted to incorporate vintage airplanes into a photography session. The best part was that she scouted the location, got the permits to me and got the session all set up.  

That brings me to today.  Brittany became a makeup artist and has been working with Blue Sky’s for over a year providing beautiful “Model for A Day” sessions, wedding makeup and makeup for my family clients.  Her sweet, warm personality is a perfect addition to our Blue Sky’s staff family.  And as many of you already know, she is expecting baby number two and I am so fortunate to get to photograph this beauty once again.  

For this session we decided to create images of her alone that were more glamorous, but we didn’t forget to include the boys as well!  Here is the sneak peak at the session.  Enjoy!

We all know those women who seem to look flawless in every photo. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “I wish I was photogenic like that.” You can be! I’m going to pull back the curtain today and share with you just a few of the posing tips I use with my female clients.

Ladies, get ready!

The two most important things to keep in mind before using these tricks are: you need to experiment a little bit at home first, in front of the mirror and work on trying to get comfortable practicing these different poses. A little practice goes a long way.


know your good sideKnow Your Best Side. Most of us do not have perfectly symmetrical faces and we usually prefer one side over the other. If you don’t know which is your “good side,” take a few moments to look in the mirror. Look a little to the left, then to the right. Which side is your favorite? Need help deciding? Try taking a selfie, just remember to do it with your front facing camera, or you will have a flipped mirror image of your face.


  Barbie arm posing trickBarbie Arm. If your girlfriends haven’t let you in on this trick it just might change your photo world. ;) To avoid your arms looking larger than life (an oh-so-common complaint), hold your hand on your hip and bend your elbow slightly toward the back. This creates a nice slimming effect which utilizes the white space between your body and arm.

push back your assets trickMind Your Assets. Push your assets to the back (ladies, that means booty and hips).  The other leg (the one closest to the camera) should be slightly bent.  You do this by putting your weight on the foot that is farthest from the camera and push your front hip away from the camera.  This causes you to lean a little towards the camera so the eyes are the closest thing to the lens!  It always looks lovely.

  lean in posing trickLean In. If you lean forward a little bit (not too much), with shoulders back, it can define the chin, elongate the neck, highlight the eyes, and allows your hair to fall forward over your shoulders, creating a stunning feminine look.
  natural smile trickWait for it. To get a more authentic, natural smile, wait until just before snapping the picture. Holding a smile fatigues your facial muscles, so take breaks between shots. Even better, when it’s time to smile, if you can think of a favorite thing, something that naturally makes you happy, hold that thought while you show your pearly whites.
  posing hairHair. Try different hair styles ahead of time to determine which look best on you–the ones that really compliment your face and body: hair down, behind one shoulder, all forward, swept up, whichever it is play up your best look, by posing not only your face and body, but your hair as well.



Beautiful Sarah is such a sweet soul! Her Mom, Janice, wanted to do something special for her sweet daughter, and thought a photo session to show her just how beautiful she is both on the outside and on the inside, was just in order. Brittany from Brittynortonartisty, showed up early to decide on a fun, youthful look for Sarah. Deseree was on had to provide styling, but Janice got the clothes just right, and we didn’t even need to use any of our wardrobe. We started Sarah’s session in my studio and the surrounding area, but quickly jumped in the cars and headed for an open field. Sarah’s sweet, natural look blended in perfectly with the small purple blooms surrounding the field.

It was such an honor to work with this amazing family. Enjoy!