Do you have an excuse about why you keep putting off getting portraits of yourself and your family?  Are you waiting to look perfect, have the perfect body, skin, hair, etc.?   While you continue to put it off for one more year, your family is missing out on beautiful images of YOU!  

That is what exist in photographs is all about.  I absolutely understand that there is a lot of work that goes into planning a photography session.  Sometimes it seems like it just isn’t meant to be, but believe me it is.  Take me for example.  My busiest time of year is October and November.  I work an average of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In the middle of all that craziness, is my own family that needs portraits for the year.  For me, I need to find one of my friends that is a photographer, and also really busy, to agree to take a few images of the whole family together.  I can handle the portraits of my kids and my kids with my husband, but I feel like it is really important for me to also get into the portrait every year.  I don’t want my kids to look back in 10, 20, or 30 years from now and say, “where was my Mom”.  Or, “my Mom was always behind the camera, and looks like she was never around according to pictures”.

I want to make it easy for you to say yes to a portrait session this year by doing the follow:

  1.  Having a hair and makeup artist available for you to look and feel your very best.
  2. By having a shooting wardrobe, that I can mix and match with your own clothing to take the hassle out of planning for the outfits for your session.
  3. Creating a fun environment for you and your family where everyone feels comfortable and is actually having fun.
  4. By guiding your posing to make you look your very best.  I can take off at least 10 pounds with good posing!
  5. By using photoshop to finish your portrait and make your best just a little better.
  6. And finally, by inviting you to our studio a week after your session for a personal reveal of our top images from the session.  These images will be fine art prints, fully retouched, mounted and matted ready to take home that day.  All of the prints also include the digital file of the edited image.  In addition, we will walk you through the rest of our beautiful portrait products to help design wall art and other keepsakes.

Do you have someone you love that you want to capture forever in portraits?  Take advantage of our makeover special this month.  For more details, email us at  Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy this unbelievably beautiful mother and daughter duo!

I take so much pleasure in getting to know kiddos over the years.  I love watching them grow up, develop their personalities and interests and become little people.  I started photographing these two cuties when Asher was only one.  The first shoot, while we had wonderful intentions, had a few hiccups.  The weather wasn’t great, Asher was interested for about 5 minutes, his sister was cold… but we managed to get some amazing shots from that session.  Now it is so fun for me to visit their home, and help hang their portrait art and see all the portraits from the last several years.  Their mama has been diligent will photographing them each year and we put together a fun birthday 8×10 with all the new interest they have developed, and milestones from that year.

Here is a sneak peak of 2016.  Seriously they just get cuter and cuter!

I am constantly joking with clients about how often I tell them to put their chin’s down.  I often demonstrate on myself by saying: “see when my chins up, my eyes look small, but as I lower my chin, my eyes open up and look big”.  Since as they say “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, the most important part of an image for me is to get beautiful, light filled, sharp eyes on for my clients (unless of course the eyes are closed).

There is a common misconception that if you chin is up, you face will look slim.  This has something to do with the dreaded double chin.  That is the second part of the chin trick.  My clients need to slightly push their chins forward to get rid of the double chin and create a strong jaw line.  I promise, promise, promise this works every time!

Here is an example of the beautiful Rose with her chin up.  It isn’t a terrible shot, but it could be so much better!

Now let’s see what happens when I ask her to put her chin down and out:

Her face looks slimmer, her jaw line looks gorgeous and her eyes are stunning!  A few more of my favorite images of Rose! Enjoy!

I am a storyteller at heart. Maybe that is why I love to get lost in a book or a great movie. I feel like photography has allowed me to tell the story of my clients year after year. When does the story actually begin? I guess that depends on when we begin to work together.

I met many of my clients when working with them on their wedding day. The biggest compliment to me is when those brides and grooms later become family photography clients. I think the family story best begins with a maternity session. To show your child how much you adored them, even before they were born. That is why we put together a Baby Photography plan, so you can get your maternity, newborn, six months and one year sessions in one complete collection. To learn more about these baby plans you can click here: baby plan.  It is easy in the craziness of the first year of your child’s life, to put off a photo session, but believe me, it is so worth it.  They change so fast that first year, from sleeping, to smiling for the first time, lifting their head, to sitting up and finally to taking their first steps.  This time is flies by, but the baby plan keeps you informed and reminds you to book your session and capture all of these moments forever.

Here is a recent newborn session with a beautiful little girl and her new baby brother.  While I did not photograph their wedding, I did photograph her cousin’s wedding (who is also our very talented makeup artist Brittany Norton).  Enjoy!

The right photography location sets the tone for your photos. Here are just a few of the best Orange County locations I use.

Let’s start with these fun family photos at the Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach.

Best Orange County Location, The Fun Zone1. The Balboa Fun Zone

Since it’s opening in 1936 the FunZone has been a popular place to have some old fashioned fun. This is a great Orange County photography location for family photos because there are some many fun spots to take photos, plus you can entice the kids to cooperate with games, treats and rides! Win, Win, Win!

Best Orange County Location: Blue Sky's Studio2.  The Studio (Blue Sky’s, that is)

If the weather is rainy, or maybe too hot, or if you just want that polished look, Blue Sky’s Studio “studio” is a perfect location for a photoshoot. Clean white backgrounds, props and different furniture options can give your photos a clean, classic look. Plus it’s located in the heart of Laguna Canyon, our next photo shoot location.

Location: Laguna Canyon3.  Laguna Canyon

Just a hop, skip and a jump from our studio is the beatific countryside of Laguna Canyon. It’s hard to believe this photo location is in Orange County, but it’s the perfect little break from the hustle and bustle. And it makes for lovely natural photos.

Newport Pier photography location4. The Newport Pier

This quintessential Orange County photography spot is perfect for family portraits with a casual, fun feel. The wooden pier reminds me an older time when surfers shot the curl and woodies dotted the coast. Check out this brother and sister photo at Newport Pier.

photo shoot location Upper Newport Back Bay5.  Upper Newport Back Bay

An oasis between the ocean and the wilds of Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa, this swath of nature is a great spot for outdoor photography. The smell of sagebrush welcomes you to this beautiful Orange County photography location.

SOCO photo shoot

6.  SOCO

The South Coast Collection (& The OC Mix) is no just a great place to shop. It’s blend of clean industrial meets trendy water-friendly succulents and greenery makes this photography location the perfect ciy/nature mix.

Mission San Juan Capistrano photo shoot

7.  Mission San Juan Capistrano

Step back in time to Old California. This unique photography location gives your photos a rustic charm of an original mission.

Photo Shoot Location San Onofre Beach

8.  San Onofre State Beach

What could be more Orange County than a surf inspired family photo location. If your family loves the beach this photography location is a perfect vintage-inspired location.

Orange County Photography Location Red Barn9.  The Red Horse Barn

This Orange County photography location is an unlikely dose of western culture right in Huntington Beach. This rustic, elegant setting has beautiful landscaping and as you can see is a great format for stunning family portraits or children’s portraits.

orange county photography location Table Rock Beach

10. Table Rock Beach

This Laguna Beach location is a gem, unlike many beaches, it offers so much more than the typical sand and seascape. It has lovely rushes, a nice staircase and interesting sandstone cliffs. It’s a great place for a family photo session.

If you are looking to book a family portrait or a senior portrait session, we would love to work with you!  Just click here to fill out your information and we will contact you as soon as possible:  More Info Please

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